All About Harajuku Fashion

Harajuku Fashion came into existence in the 1980s as a movement against the social pressures and need to conform. Named after the Harajuku Station in Tokyo, it all started with youngsters adorning colourful and unique outfits and taking to the streets. They would mix and blend Japanese attire with western clothing whilst conveying the message that they didn't care about mainstream fashion and could dress as they wish. Harajuku Fashion became known in the west in the ’00s and has taken many forms since then. Let’s discover more fun facts about this versatile and unique fashion style.

Can you wear it?

Harajuku fashion is for anyone who loves to experiment with fashion whilst having fun. If you are a conservative dresser who likes to stick with classic looks, then Harajuku style isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you love going crazy like a kid and dressing up is a passion, then Harajuku is just for you as you can dress up like a kid and have all the fun in the world.

Harajuku Styles

Harajuku fashion isn’t limited to a single style. Rather, it contains many Japanese sub-styles that you can choose from depending upon your preferences. Some of the sub-styles are Cosplay, Cutesy Fairy Kei (Pastel Goth), Kawaii, Decora, Gothic Lolita, Punk Rock and many more.

The important infusions in this fashion include traditional Japanese garments, for instance, the kimonos and wooden sandals. Moreover, pre-loved and retro or vintage clothes also make the perfect addition to create the right Harajuku look. Customisation is another essential element of Harajuku style. So, mix and match different elements, then customise and layer them up using your creativity and imagination.

Accessorise, Accessorise, Accessorise

Forget about being minimal or conformist whilst accessorising. Grab everything you can from kid’s plastic jewellery to hundreds of bright hairpins and colourful backpacks. The key is to accessorise from head to toe with everything you can get your hands on.

Colourful Hair and Crazy 'Hairdos'

Dye your hair with neon or pastel colours for the statement Harajuku look. Crazy hairdos with a lot of accessories are the essence of Harajuku style. Throw in bright coloured eye contacts, and you are sure to rock this style like you mean it.


Last, but not the least essential part of the Harajuku look is a smile. Don’t let the people who see this trend as childish or weird get you down. Smile and keep rocking your own Harajuku style with confidence!

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